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What about accommodations Homestay or Hotel?
1.  Live with a Family: Most students find living with a Guatemalan family one of the best parts of their experience at CBA. Families speak only the language being studied; they provide relaxed opportunities for the student to speak and listen.  Families include our students in their everyday lives.  One can get a picture of life for an average Guatemalan family and come to better understand Guatemalan customs and culture.  Your tuition also serves as a valuable source of income for lower middle class families.
The family provides: a private room, 3 meals a day, cleandrinking water and a hot shower. We place only one person or couple per family.
2.  Other arrangements: If preferred, a student may elect to stay at one of the comfortable hotels near the school or make other suitable arrangements. In such cases, 30 US$ is subtracted from your tuition.

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