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what to bring

Why xela
Photocopies of important documents (leave a set with someone at home).

What do I bring with me?

Some Suggestions For You:

Always Bring US Cash Or Travelers Cheques.  For Example, Canadian Money Or Travelers Cheques Are Not Accepted.  Also, Bring Small Denominations, Particularly For Smaller Centres.

Credit cards, bank cards:  
The larger centres have ATM machines, however, many towns do not. Credit cards are sometimes accepted in larger centres.  Make sure your credit/debit card has a 4 digit PIN because many of the local ATM machines will ONLY accept 4 digit PINs.

Sturdy walking shoes/boots
Warm clothing:  Xela is in the highlands and as such, can get pretty chilly in the mornings and evenings. It's normally quite beautiful during the day (around 25°C or low 80s), but at times it can drop down to 4° C or  40° F at night.  A wool sweater or sweat suit is a must!

Other clothing:  Because it can get quite nice during the day, light pants or skirts and sun dresses are good to have.  Please note that guide books often suggest that travelers should avoid dressing skimpily, thus respecting the local people's modesty.  Guatemalans are quite conservative in terms of dress. This is not to say that shorts are out of the question, but the longer the better.

Ear plugs: in case you find yourself in a bedroom by a busy street, or next to an all night party.
Special dietary foods: brown rice and tofu are available in Xela, but anything less common might not be found.
Rain protection: Rain gear is necessary all year round, but particularly during the rainy seasons which falls roughly from mid May until September.
Mini reading light: is useful in many homes , where low wattage is the rule. Electrical voltage is the same as in the US and Canada, though less predictable.
Swiss Army Knife
A money belt or equivalent is a must.
Small padlocks for luggage
Swim wear
Sun Protection
each and shower footwear: The Pacific beach is black, volcanic sand that is blistering HOT. Thongs are a must.
Lightweight towel
Insect repellent: If you plan to visit the lowlands
Small first aid items: will be more expensive in Guatemala than many home countries.
Toiletries: Common toiletries are available, including feminine products.
Prescription medicines
Bilingual dictionary, verb book, Grammar guide: although the school has all of these, you might like to bring your own from home.

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