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Unlike other Spanish schools CBA also serves as a cultural center with weekly art exhibitions and live poetry, music and literature recitals by local artists. This way we can also help the local community of artists.

    Health Project  .    

The clinic combines indigenous medicines and remedies with Western methods to give patients the most holistic, culturally appropriate medical care

Why Choose CBA?
You might ask yourself what makes CBA different from all the other language schools, since all of them apparently offer the same Spanish courses, the option of living with a Guatemalan family, and the opportunity to do volunteerwork with one of their social projects.
What most distinguishes us is the warm, relaxed atmosphere at our school and our strong involvement in the local community. As a non-profit organization, we feel we have a social responsibility towards our community. All profits (10% of your tuition) are used to fund local social projects. CBA has numerous contacts at development organizations. As a result, we can help get you plugged into the community and help you find volunteer opportunities that meet your talents and interests.
You might ask what makes us different from other language schools. Similar to other schools, we provide the following:
Excellent, affordable immersion classes with individual instruction;
Classes in various Mayan languages;
Educated, experienced and resourceful teachers;
Daily group activities to explore the city and surrounding areas;
Round table discussions on social, economic and political issues;
Accommodation with a Guatemalan family if desired;
Opportunities to volunteer in the community; and
Email and facsimile access (at a nominal fee)
Free Internte

We are proud of our commitment to our community and encourage you to join us!

CBA is jointly directed by the administrative personnel and the teachers. Each month the team comes together to discuss the state of affairs at the school. Suggestions are brought forth and improvements are constantly being made. We think that open communication is essential for the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at CBA as well as for conserving the professionalism of our team.

All profits (10% of your tuition) are used to

Supporting Children with VIH

Education Project

Agricultural Projects

supporting the food production as a shared resource for the well-being of the community

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