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Climb Volcano Pacaya
Antigua, Guatemala


Volcano PacayaThe hike to see the lava on Pacaya is GREAT! I have done it myself a few times a couple times hiking and once on a horse with my Mom!!! I highly recommend this hike, there is nothing like roasting hot dogs on molten rock!

Pacaya Volcano is the most frequently climbed volcano in Guatemala. It is easily accessible and commonly puts on a good show for those who make the climb.

Volcano PacayaPacaya's current active phase began in 1965, and the volcano has been almost constantly in eruption since then. Eruptive activity ranges from minor gaseous emissions and quiet steam eruptions, to explosions powerful enough to hurl bombs up to 12 kilometers and necessitate the evacuation of numerous villages on the flanks of the volcano.

Volcano PacayaThe easiest way to see Pacaya is to purchase a tour from one of the many tour agencies in Antigua, Guatemala. The tour is usually $10 to $15 USD and includes tranportation to/from Pacaya (about 1 hour drive) and your guide. Entrance fee is normally not included and runs about Q25.00 ($3.00).

Once you are in the park you have the option of taking a horse to the top of Pacaya. The cost is around Q100 to Q200 and for those of us who are too old or in my case too lazy this option is worth every centavo!! The horses are called "taxis" and will follow your group for about 15 or 20 minutes as you begin your climb.


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