Guatemala links

Guatemala News - Spanish

Incidencia Democrática
- progressive analysis and comprehensive daily news summary
One World - digest of stories from alternative news agencies
Albedrío - a compilation of news, opinion, and communiqués
Argenpress - excellent Argentinian compilation of Guatemala news
Prensa Libre - daily newspaper
El Periodico - daily newspaper
Siglo XXI - daily newspaper
La Hora - afternoon newspaper
Emisoras Unidas - radio station with internet broadcast
Radio Sonora - radio station
Noti7 - television news station
El Metropolitano - daily Quetzaltenango newspaper

Guatemala News - English - the most recent headlines related to Guatemala - the most recent headlines related to Guatemala - a helpful listing of major news articles about Guatemala in English

Culture & Travel Info (s) = Spanish only

Recrearte - a guide to cultural events in Guatemala (s)
Revue - Guatemala's monthly English-language magazine, viewable in .pdf format
Map of Guatemala
Guatemala's official tourism commission
Center for Disease Control

International Solidarity & Human Rights Organizations

Amnesty International USA - Guatemala page
EPICA - Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean
FHRG - Foundation for Human Rights in Guatemala, Chicago
Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA
Guatemala Scholars Network -
academics and professionals researching Guatemala
Guatemala Solidarity Network - Based in London, England
Hesperian Foundation - promote community health care
Human Rights Watch - Guatemala page
Latin Ameica Working Group
NISGUA - Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala
Incidencia Democrática - progressive analysis and comprehensive daily news summary

Guatemalan Organizations (e) = also in English

CALDH - Center for Human Rights Legal Action
EntreMundos - Based in Xela. Provides news, volunteer resources, and more (e)
FotoKids - breaking the cycle of poverty through teaching children photography (e)
Gente Positiva - serves those with HIV/AIDS (e)

Reports & Publications

CIA and Assassinations - The Guatemala 1954 Documents
Draining the Sea - Terror in Three Communities in Rural Guatemala, 1980-84
Guatemala Death Squad Dossier
Guatemala Documentation Project -
declassified National Security Archive files
Guatemala: Hardship Considerations - Andrew Reding
Guatemala: Memory of Silence
Organizing and Repression in the University of San Carlos
Sex Discrimination in the Guatemalan Labor Force - a HRW report
State Violence in Guatemala, 1960-1996
U.S. Policy in Guatemala:1966-1996 - Kate Doyle and Carlos Osorio

Photo Essays

El Movimiento - Klaus Schoenwiese
Our Culture is Our Resistance - Jonathan Moller

Next door to PLQ we have the Luis Cardoza y Aragon Popular Center.
This center provides classes in art, music, computer programs and English to children of Quetzaltenango...
Proyecto Reforestación de Cantel
Many hands have left a caring imprint on that small piece of land near Cantel, and already the effects are already evident...
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