Proyecto Lingüístico Quetzalteco de Español (PLQE) is famous for being one of the best Spanish language schools in Latin America, and it has been ranked as No. 1 among Guatemalan language schools. Travellers to many countries in Central or South America take Spanish courses at the PLQE before they travel on. The "total immersion" language program with homestay (optional), one-on-one teaching and volunteer opportunities provides for a very intensive experience.
Please contact a past student to get her or his views on the school and what it offers.

Personal Comments

"I have studied at the PLQE over a period of three years. When I started, I had very little Spanish - I had studied for a while in Ireland and again in Mexico before coming to the PLQE. I returned to Mexico after my first five weeks of studies in Quetzaltenango, and everyone commented on how much my Spanish had improved. In reality, the PLQE is much more than a language school. It is a group of socially aware teachers who teach the reality of Guatemala and support a number of projects including orphans, street children and they have also set up a cultural center here in Xela that help many children. I am currently studying an indigenous language as I am now working for a project that I was introduced to by the PLQE and is supported by them also. I live with an indigenous family who are wonderful and have helped me a great deal even if it is only by making me feel very welcome and putting me at ease. And when you feel relaxed and happy you learn more! I have met many people who have traveled to other parts of Central and South America and they all seem to agree that you would be hard pushed to find a better school, or one that equalled it, in the Americas. In my experience of the school, I believe it."
--David Deegan, Ireland

"All the teachers that I had during my 8 weeks were capable, well prepared and very good people. The atmosphere in the school is very good and for this reason I very much enjoyed my time there. I very much like the fact that the school is not just a language institution but rather a dedicated project with a social and political goal. It's a very good project, because one doesn't just learn Spanish in accordance with a very well developed system of teaching, but also one learns a great deal about the socio-political situation in Guatemala, particularly during the conferences, and one can learn even more from the library and the video collection."
--Morten Leth-Jergensen, MS Cooperante, Denmark

Past students
North America

Amanda Cox
The Bronx, NY
Tel: 718 409 9355


Kathleen Schmitt
Vancouver, BC


Megan Harding
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415 876 4235


Maria Lollo
New Orleans, LA
Tel: 504 486 7861


Steven Latzo
Binghamton, NY
Tel: 607 771 7395


Marie O'Brien
Chicago, Il
Tel: 773 955 3475


Jonathan Harris
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415 487 0496


Brian Reichert
Minneapolis, MN
Tel: 612 729 8178


Michele Scanlan
Redwood City, CA
Tel: 415 366 0599


Kevin Winkler
Baltimore, MD
Tel: 410 528 5136


Karen Wainberg
Jamaica Plain, MA
Tel: 617 522 5268





Daniel Bergfeld
Koeln, Germany


Inge Christensen
Kopenhagen, Denmark
Tel: ++ 45 331 20501


Martin Ejlertzen
Odense, Denmark
Tel: ++ 45 661 23688


Rasmus Levy
Tel: ++ 45 381 95030


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