How to import your car into Guatemala

Import your car into Guatemala

The rules on how to import a car into Guatemala changed in 2013. The following information is from 2010. Use the formula below to get an approximate total of your tax.

The following information was provide by our good friends at Gramajo y Aguilar Customs brokers at the El Carmen/Talisman border crossing. If you would like to import your car we highly recommend this company. We have imported several cars with them and they do excellent work. is a USA based auto transport company that ships to and from Guatemala as well as other international destinations. Visit their website or call 1-800-452-2880 for more information or to get a price quote.

Ok here is the formula for calculating your import tax.

1. Find the value of your vehicle using this website:
2. Once you find your vehicle look for the “Average trade in value.”
3. Take the “Average Trade in Value” and add $880.00 to it. This fee is added to all imported vehicles value.
4. Multiply this number by current $ to Q Exchage rate (approx: Q8.00)
5. This amount is the base value you will pay taxes on.
6. Calculate your tax.

Pickup Truck Base Value
23.20% = Tax Payment
Microbus Base Value
28.80%= Tax Payment
Automobile Base Value
34.40%= Tax Payment
SUV 4×4 Base Value
28.80%= Tax Payment
SUV 4×2 Base Value
34.40%= Tax Payment

7. The amount you calculate is the tax you will pay to import your vehicle into Guatemala.
8. To this amount add Q500 which is the cost of the paperwork (Tramite) to import your car. You will pay this amount to your customs broker.

As an example:
1998 Dodge Caravan NADA Average Trade in value = $1600
$1600 + $880 = $2480
$2480 x Q8.00 = Q19840 is the base value
Q19840 x 28.80% = Q5713.92 this is the import tax
Q5713.92 + Q500 = Q6213.92 Total amount including paperwork at the border.

This information is current as of May 2010. I just finished helping a guy import his Dodge Caravan and this is what he paid in 2010. As with everything in Guatemala things change but this should give you a very good estimate of what it will cost.

For current information on the new laws please contact Gramajo y Aguliar Customs Brokers.

Gramajo y Aguilar
Agenicia Aduanal
Tel: +502 7772-1357 or +502 5469-6743

If you need additional info let me know.

Tom Lingenfelter

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