Heathcare doctors and dentists

Healthcare doctors and dentist

Healthcare doctors and dentist

Dental and Medical care in Guatemala is extremely inexpensive while still maintaining a professional standard and providing high quailty work.  The cost savings from one dental procedure could save you the equivalent of a round trip airline ticket.  You basically get a vacation and dental care for less than dental care would cost in your home country.

Dentists and Othodontists in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 

  • Dr. Carlos del Valle
    Dr. Carlos del Valle
    Dentist & Orthodontist
  • Dr. Fredy Barrios
    Dr. Fredy Barrios
    Dentist & Orthodontist

Doctors and Hospital

There are 100s of health professionals practicing in Quetzaltenango,  many of them are US, Canadian, Mexican, Cuban or Guatemalan trained.  Quetzaltenango has a dozen private hospital, 100s of private clinics and one large public hospital.  Healthcare in Guatemala is approx 1/10th the cost of the same care in the USA. Health tourism is slowing starting to take root in Xela.

Hospital Privado Quetzaltenango
Calle Rodolfo Robles 23-51, Zona 3
7761-4381, 82, 83 Fax:7763-0135

Hospital La Democracia
13 Avenida 6-51, Zona 3
7763-6760, 62, 63, 66 Fax: 7763-6750

You can buy prescription medication over the counter in Guatemala. The selection of medicine is not always great but if the pharmacy has what you need the price is generally MUCH cheaper than your home country. It is always best to bring any medication you really need with you. Pharmacies in Guatemala also carry many of the familiar over the counter medication for just about all ailments.

Travelers Diarrhea – While it is not the most pleasurable subject it does happen. If you spend an extended period of time in Guatemala you will get stomach sick at some point. When it happens the best and fastest remedy is take a stool sample to the local laboratory and have it analyzed. Then take the results to a doctor who can read them and prescribe the best medication. The whole procedure will cost around Q100.00 to Q300.00 with medicine included. Laboratorio Aguilar
Calle Rodolfo Robles – 1/2 block past Galgos Bus Station

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    Quetzaltenango, Guatemala